What are the difficulties involved in setting up an interview?

Obtaining a Global Entry Card can be challenging due to a backlog of applications, with appointments often scheduled four months in advance. However, our service can expedite the process and help you secure an earlier appointment.

The high demand for the Global Entry program among frequent travelers has resulted in a shortage of available interview slots, causing difficulty for individuals to schedule an interview that fits their schedule. The limited number of employees managing the program can further prolong the wait time for an appointment. Without sufficient staff, there is a risk of fewer interview dates being made available, posing a challenge for those trying to book an appointment in a timely manner.

During periods of government shutdown, the TSA is faced with the difficult decision of furloughing employees, leading to delays in the processing of applications and potential delays in scheduling interviews. Due to the immense demand for the Global Entry program and these challenges, getting a meeting with the TSA can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, if you stay vigilant and frequently check for available slots, you may have a better chance of securing an appointment. Despite the agency’s efforts to improve the security of the nation, they are facing staffing and resource shortages, causing further barriers for applicants.

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